Sheboygan Visual Artists

As an artist and art educator I create multiple paths in my life that intersect, break apart, connect, and have a non-linear destination.  This provides a rich experience of making, sharing, researching, and reflecting on the art I create and create with others.  I received my BFA in 2002 at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and my MA in art education, 2011, at the University of Arizona.  I am originally from Plymouth, WI and have found my path after graduate school leading back home. 

My recent work focuses on my connection to place, mapping, personal geographies, and blurring boundaries between places.  By blurring boundaries I begin to reveal the liminal spaces or in-between places that exist when multiple paths (artist/teacher, past/present/future) collide and bring about new meaning.  Connecting to place allows ways to distort, represent, and express what I find to be valuable fixtures in places I have lived.  My representation of places serves as a map of how I can understand myself as an artist/teacher by deconstructing and distorting my history or environment into new geographies.  Mapping and geographies have only recently become a serious element in my artwork despite the fact I have highlighted numerous maps with my road trip travels across the U.S. since I was a teenager.  I find aesthetic beauty in maps as they illustrate so many possibilities for exploration with lines, patterns, and textures.       

My work and the workshops I teach focus on the making process and experimentation as an important component in creating with paper pulp, printmaking mediums, and natural materials.  I enjoy pushing my own boundaries with a medium and transforming “mistakes” into exciting possibilities.  Each print and paper sculpture is full of depth, texture, and distortion while striving to inform the viewer of how a place can be distorted or manipulated into somewhere new and unique.

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